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Maple Tree Removal

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Maple Tree Removal in East Hartford, Connecticut, CT

Maple Tree Removal

Maple trees can grow to be as tall as 80 feet. There are many species of maples, and some of them, such as the Red Maple, can sprout again even when the tree has been cut down.  We strongly recommend the stump be removed if the tree is taken down.

Maple trees tend to have shallow roots which in stormy areas, strong winds can literally blow them over and tear them out of the ground. This could be a reason to take down a maple tree, especially if it is close your home or other precious property, Large limbs (branches thicker than 6 inches in diameter) should be pruned regularly to take precaution.

A diseased maple tree would be another reason to cut it down.

At G’s Friendly Tree Service we specialize in trees. We love them, but we also know that trees are great until trees overtake! Contact us for a free evaluation and fair estimate - we guarantee your satisfaction!

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Maple Tree Removal
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