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Tree Removal in Bolton, CT

Tree Removal

Trees provide shade, are homes for birds and animals, and beautify our communities. We love trees for their countless ways to improve our overall environment from cleaning our air, to protecting our soil. We should care for our trees, and have the utmost respect for them.

I encourage people to plant trees properly to keep them thriving for years. However, there comes a time when a tree will die, or become diseased, and this is where our job comes in – we take care of problems to avoid dangerous situations for you and your property.   

SAFETY FIRST! Unsafe trees are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Tree removal may prevent further damage or injury- take a look at your backyard and check out for:

  • Trees around or hanging over power lines
  •  Trees too close to building structures (possibility for roof damage)
  • Trees with weak or cracked limbs or damaged from storms
  • Diseased, hollow or decayed trees
  • Tree roots encroaching on the foundation of your home , sidewalks, or sewer lines
  • Large tree roots making it difficult for grass growth or mowing

Unfortunately, many people wait until the damage is already – ice and wind can be major factors for fallen trees on property. We have seen storms cause trees to fall on cars, wires, roofs, or other property, urging many insurance companies to require that potentially hazardous trees be removed in order to maintain a current policy. Taking trees down in time can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Tree Removal
Tree Services Bolton
Tree Removalk
Tree Services Bolton
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