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Tree Tips and Suggestions

Tree Tips and Suggestions

Tree Tips and Suggestions
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Tree Tips and Suggestions in Bolton, Connecticut, CT

Tree Tips and Suggestions

Safety Tips- If you decide to work on trees yourself:

  • Be sure to have the proper equipment prior to starting the job
  • Take precaution at all times (Have a buddy or family member near)
  • Have a cell phone nearby in case of an emergency
  • Wear boots, gloves and eye protection
  • Make sure you always have two feet on the ground, or are securely fastened to something for leverage
  • Although logical, NEVER use a chainsaw, power tools or sharp tools under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • It is important to clean up any debris afterwards

Oo our best recommendation is to call your local tree service, for an assessment and free estimate and that you get it in writing.

Make sure the tree service business is fully insured.

Tree Stump Removal Products

There are several ways to get rid of tree stumps in your backyard. However, our best recommendation is that you hire a professional tree service, because they have the proper equipment to do it easily and efficiently. 

Tree Stump Removal Tips

Tree stumps should be removed because they may become a fire hazard, they can pose a risk for your family or friends to trip over and they can also attract house pests when they rot.

Tree Stump Artwork Tips

Why not try being creative?  Bring home a stump and use it as a table.  Either natural, or sanded and refinished – make it work with your décor.

Another idea to consider is to cut out the middle of the stump and use it as a planter…

Tree Stump Furniture Tips

There are many ways to turn tree stumps into beautiful and rustic pieces of furniture. You may carve a stump into a lawn chair…

Tree Stump Tables

A tree stump with its roots may be carved and polished and used for a one of a kind, interesting base for a table.  Perhaps a beveled shatter-proof thick glass is a perfect table top to see through to the beauty of the roots or the wood grain.

Tree Sap Removal Tips

Tree sap is messy and can stick to shoes, and stain clothes, car finishes and many other precious things. In order to remove tree sap, you should treat it as you would any other sticky substance.

Lubricants & Alcohol work well, and also letting the sap dry may help remove it from clothing.

Kill Tree Roots

If you have an issue with tree roots on your property, give G’s Friendly Tree Service a call and we will be happy to give you a fair assessment on what needs to be done, along with a free estimate.

There are commercial root killing products but they may be harmful to the soil and to other vegetation and should be used with care, if at all.

Risk of Falling Trees

Trees are beautiful and good for the environment, but if left to grow too large, they could become liabilities.

If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for the upkeep of the trees on your property.

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Tree Tips and Suggestions
Tree Services Bolton
Tree Tips and Suggestions
Tree Services Bolton
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